Coignet Building

The building at 360 Third Avenue in Brooklyn was completed in 1873 as the headquarters of the New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company and as a showcase for the precast architectural concrete that was the company’s product. It is roughly the size of a rowhouse, but contains complex facade elements, including a cornice, water tables, arched and pedimented window surroundings, corner quoins and mid-wall rusticated piers, and a stoop with freestanding columns, all built of architectural precast concrete.

Before restoration, abandoned and with faux brick applied over the original facade.

Old Structures was hired to assist in restoration of the abandoned building as part of the redevelopment of the former Coignet Company site. Our scope included repair of the wood-joist interior floors and the entire facade.

After restoration.

We investigated from scaffolding what the condition was of all of the precast stones and their anchorage. We then designed attachment details for repaired original stones and new stones, designed replacement joists and their attachment, and reviewed the work during construction.

This project received a Lucy G Moses Preservation Award in 2016 

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