Maine Bank & Trust Building

This Portland landmark bank and office building, constructed c1910, is a ten story, steel framed building clad in limestone. 

Primary building facade

Due to a combination of lack of maintenance, harsh weather conditions, and differential movement between the frame and cladding, many of the cladding stones had shifted and cracked, creating a hazardous condition. Previous studies by other building envelope consultants had called for complete removal and re- installation/replacement of the limestone panels. 

Facade drawing indicating locations and types of repairs

The owner and local historic preservationists seeking to avoid such an extensive project, consulted with OSE to investigate and design another option. The approach was, instead of wholesale removal, to selectively remove stone panels primarily at the upper corners where corroded columns needed to be repaired. Elsewhere on the facade, in- situ pinning repairs were implemented, as well as a combination of patching and dutchman repairs. The facade was then cleaned, and the windows and spandrels were painted in a color matched to historic photographs.

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