Olana Barn Stable Complex

Now a house museum, Olana was named for a fortress treasure-house in ancient Persia, and was the home of Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), one of America’s most important artists, a student of Thomas Cole, and a major figure in the Hudson River School of landscape painting. Drawings by Richard Morris Hunt document that Church considered using him as an architect, but ultimately he chose Calvert Vaux, who was then designing Central Park’s buildings. In addition to the famous mansion, the Olana estate originally included livestock and crops to supply the household, and necessarily the associated nineteenth century farm buildings. The buildings had been neglected and deteriorated with disuse, and indeed, some were lost.

OSE designed repairs to the existing Farm Stable Building including masonry repair, timber reconstruction, sill replacement, and strengthening of floor structure by inserting new steel beams underneath existing timber beams. The project scope also included the reconstruction of the original Wagon House and Farm Stable Shed complex, utilizing reinforced concrete foundations clad with stone above grade and heavy timber framing. The three restored/recreated farm buildings are now used as the Olana Cente rfor Education. 

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