Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity Church, located in the original New York settlement at Wall Street and Broadway, was chartered in 1697. The current building, the third on the site, was completed in 1846 to a design by Richard Upjohn, and is designated as a New York and a National Landmark, and is listed on the National Register. The Gothic Revival church features an exterior entirely composed of brownstone, a 280-foot tall spire, and a large church yard in one of the densest areas of Manhattan.

The east facade of Trinity Church, looking west on Wall Street

Old Structures was hired to investigate the structure of the entire building to ensure the continued safe use of the building, to establish a baseline for future surveys, and to address any deficiencies from weathering or from past alterations. Our survey included the structural safety of the entire brownstone exterior, analysis of the roof trusses and the independent plaster ceiling framing below the roof, review of the building and site drainage, analysis of the long-term effect on the building of the construction of subways below Broadway to the east and Trinity Place to the west, and analysis of the retaining wall that separates the grounds from Trinity Place.

Within the attic, looking down a clerestory wall, showing a roof truss lower chord on the right and ceiling framing on the left

Our report included descriptions of the long-term performance of the building and retaining wall, recommendations for observation of non-critical damage, and two schemes for repairing the retaining wall without disturbing the 100- to 250- year-old graves immediately adjacent.

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