More News: The South Bushwick Reformed Church

After all this time, I still find it disorienting to read the news and find one of our projects being discussed. In this case, it’s the end (or nearly so) of a long saga for the South Bushwick Reformed Church in Brooklyn, a beautiful wood-frame building from 1853 that looks like it belongs on a …

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The Morgan Library

Structural engineers working on buildings get used to anonymity. Even if a building has a daring structural design, most (or, often, all) of the press will name the architect rather than the engineer. In renovation projects, which make up nearly all of our firm’s design work, engineers are even less likely to receive much recognition. …

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Greenwich Village Landmark Judson Memorial Church

The scaffolding has just come down from Judson Memorial Church on the south side of Washington Square Park. The building was completed in 1892 to the design of McKim Mead & White and is considered to be an excellent example of Italian Renaissance Eclectic style. Old Structures Engineering assisted William Stivale Building Conservator in assessing …

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Pay No Attention to the Engineers Behind the Curtain

Once again, our work is publicized without any mention of us: the Bow Bridge repairs we designed a while back are going to be built this summer. The bad news is that the bridge will be closed for the duration. The good news is that it is the most beautiful cast-iron in New York:

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